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Attract more candidates by helping them to find out what to study.

Figuring out what to study

is harder than ever

Today’s college students struggle with choosing a career path and major. Just under half of all students are confident in their career path when they enroll in college. Candidates, especially younger learners, express angst over choosing a major.


of students feel
overwhelmed by the
process of selecting a major



Our scientifically validated psychometric assessment help your candidates to figure out university course coherent with their vocational interests and personality profile.

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More candidates

Capture all opportunities that come on your website using the widget Studentspeak.

Interactive and insightful test motivates candidates to leave their contact data.

Better conversion

Better conversion

Convert more leads into students thanks to valuable content and sophisticated personalization techniques that Studentspeak provides.

It is another dimension of direct marketing that will reinforce your current efforts.


Less workload

Get more time for strategic projects by automating communication and application processes.

With Studentspeak automation tools, you will drive more results with fewer resources.


compilation rate

Majority of the candidates committed to finishing the test.


of students finished the test before admission

Universities on average have 3 additional months to educate the candidate about his future studies.


better email
Open Rate

Thanks to psychometric personalisation we’ve increased the email Open
Rate by ⅓.

See how it helps our partners and students

Andrzej Raczynski

Marketing Director

At AAU, we value every student. That's why confidence in their choice is highly important to us. Thanks to Studentspeak, we enhanced the candidate's experience from marketing to onboarding. Now we're able to engage our candidates much more effectively.

Anglo-American University in Prague

Anna Godlewska

Deputy Director of Marketing Office

Being a top-class university, we always look for ways to drive more value to our students. Studentspeak helped us personalize the onboarding experience for every student. Those efforts result in a distinct rise in conversion rate.

Kozminski University

Ulia Jagielnicka

Head of Marketing

“It is always challenging for future students to choose a career path, so we decided to use Studentspeak to support our candidates in taking challenging decisions. It's a fantastic tool, and well-suited for universities who want to provide a digital-first communication process.”

Wroclaw Business University